Wednesday, April 01, 2009

God's Rest...

I have to say that God has been extrodinarily kind and gracious to me lately. I just absolutely love belonging to the Lord. There is nothing that is sweeter. This week, I had to say goodbye to a dream, and I am totally, one hundred percent at peace with it. Let me just say, my mom knows me well, I guess that comes from wisdom, combined with her being my best friend and safe place. God is showing me everyday that He is working out my future and that He will reveal it when it is time. In the meantime I am entering everyday in the complete and sweet rest of living in the will of the One who loves me in ways that I truly need even before I know it. That feeling brings an indescribable peace and security to my spirit. I just have to make a decision to claim the promises of the Lord on a daily basis. I know that my future is exceedingly good and that it is tailor made and specifically created for my deepest and most excellent enjoyment when God knows I am ready to receive it in its fullest measure. I am excited and thankful that the Lord has my name engraved upon the palms of His hands. I only have to continue to walk excellently and faithfully as He leads my journey.

Monday night I went to soaking and David Black, who is the Pastor of FUMC in Abilene, and who is becoming a fast friend said some really neat things about this season in my life. He said that God gave him a vision of me entering a time of sweet rest in Jesus. He elaborated and said that this season of rest did not necessarily mean inactivity. He said that I was simply at a place where I am surrendered and ready to receive whatever the Lord has. I loved that. I want to continually stay in that place through all of the seasons of my journey in some aspect. The Lord is doing some really cool things right now--planting seeds that I pray will bloom and become beautiful at His appointd time. I am in a place where my spirit is growing and learning new devotion to the Lord. It is good. It is sweet. It is fulfilling.

"Let Your mercy and loving kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for you." - Psalm 33:22

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