Sunday, July 17, 2005

Six Months

Six months ago yesterday, the Body at Highland was changed forever in obvious and unseen ways. It seems as though the car accident that claimed the life of one child and indelibly impacted six others happened just yesterday. Today, in the Abilene-Reporter News, was a story written to update the community on the progress and healing of the seven families personally affected by the events of January 16th. Although I do not feel as though I know all of the families well, I have been humbled as I have prayed and begged God to heal whatever brokenness and unrest there hs been for this precious part of my church that has been hurt in such a present, permanent way. I do not have words to express the emotion that has welled up within me as I have watched the Bourlands, the Bennetts, the Lemmons, and the Copes walk with one foot in front of the other and trust that God is in control. My heart has been renewed as I have watched Bret, Jennifer, Taylor, and Brock take the Lord's hand, fully trusting in his promise, and walk through some very real valleys in the months after losing Brody. There have been so many days in months past that I have yearned to have known Brody better, as I have heard story after story of his compassion, his servant heart, his love, and his humble, Godly leadership. He truly was a good and faithful servant in the eyes of God, although his eleven years were cut short.

Through the experiences and the stories of healing of these families, I have been incredibly edified, challenged, humbled, and grown.They have shown me just how to take the load one is given and bear it with trust and hope in an all-sufficient, ever-faithful Father who does not forsake his cherished possessions, but walks beside them, shouldering what is heavy and unbearable for their journey toward his heart and the eternal home that is awaiting these precious ones in heaven. Let me say as a witness to each families' road of grief and their persistence toward healing, that it has been an immense honor for my family and I to walk beside and serve them. Thank you for being so real, so transparent, and so beautifully surrendered to the reign of God.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

PRAY for Brock Latham

After reading the commnents on Mike Cope's blog today I have been convicted to intercede on behalf of a little boy, Brock Latham, and his family. Details of his struggle can be found at Apparantly, this little one has been battling some type of cancer and only has two weeks to live. Please join me in petitioning the Lord's will and claiming Psalms 56:13. While at the blog site, you may also sign up for a slot on the 24 hour prayer vigil. I hope you will join me in praying for Brock and his family as they wait upon the Lord and boldly ask for Brock's life and victory. Be blessed today.