Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Anchored Confidence

I love walking intimately with the Father.  The day-in-day-out, ebb and flow of the relationship I share with my King gives my life its richest meaning and its most central priority.  It colors every single fiber of my existence.  It dictates every decision, every relationship, and every dream I have.  My relationship with the Trinity is my absolute favorite thing about the gift of this life I've been given.  There is absolutely nothing that holds more importance than this reciprocal kinship I share with my Creator.  One of my most treasured things about this life with God is discovering, exploring, and learning to lean into all that He is for me.  There are three things that I know with absolute certainty that He is for me.  My God is relentlessly kind toward me.  My God is unrelentingly joyful toward me, and my God is unfailingly generous toward me.  Throughout the entirety of my life, God has promised to prove these parts of His nature as my definition of who He is for me.  My confidence is anchored in the reality of these three aspects of His nature because He has proven them as my truth more times than I can count.  The history God and I have built have been focused on these three gorgeous parts of who He is. 

If you want to build a history with God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, you must have an anchored confidence in who He is for you.  One of my favorite things about God is that He adores questions.  I've learned that God does not do vague.  Specific questions thrill Him because questions are how He can show you through the gift of experience, a deeper and richer dependence on Him.  Plus, life is so much better when your walking with Someone who longs to share who He is through tangible events and circumstances that pop up during the walking out of everyday life.  Having an established and anchored confidence in who God is will allow you to press in to go deeper with Him.  He loves creating your personal anchored confidence.  This is one of the most important areas of spiritual formation that He invests in us as His sons and daughters.  Anchored confidence says that God will always come through.  It teaches us to expect Him to show up in huge ways.  This confidence mentors us in trust and rest in God.  This anchored confidence is what allows us to sleep in a storm.  He really wants us to have this part of our relationship and partnership with Him settled so that we may be able to flourish in our specific, specially-designed callings -- our assigned race.  Who is God for you.  He is waiting to show you.  Just ask.