Thursday, April 13, 2006


I am so thankful for this time of year. God is doing some incredible things in my journey, showing me his character and just how much he loves me each and every day. Last night I was blessed to be a part of a Passover meal. I have had the experience before but it had been many years ago. I felt as though I had been transported directly into the presence of Jesus as he sat in the Upper Room. In my 2nd grade shepherding group last night, we talked about what it means to be a servant and I was reminded through the eyes and experiences of children, the beauty of this call of the disciples of Jesus. Before we split up into our groups, Katie had the shepherds read a different story in which Jesus served. I had the blessing of reading my favorite servant story, Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. God refreshed the message in this story for me, he showed me that every part of me constantly needs to be surrendered and washed by his tender and gentle hand, so that he may do his will in my life. I have had so many servants who have shown me the call of Christ. One group that has tremendously shown me how to serve and to love has been the group of friends the Lord has placed on my journey, to further mold and shape my heart's soil.

Thank you Father for sending Jesus to bleed for me! Thank you for allowing him to be clothed with every sin I have ever committed so that I can be free! Most of all thank you that on the third day, the grave was empty. I love you sweet Jesus. Thank you for being my Lamb and my constant intercessor seated on the mercy seat in Heaven. To you and you alone be all praise, glory, honor, and eternal blessing.