Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Times...

I have had some fun experiences the past few weeks. One fun new tradition I got to experience was Choctoberfest. I was invited by a wonderful young woman from my Tuesday morning bible study. Every new person that comes to the event just shows up for the fun evening. The women who have been in years past bring all kinds of yummy chocolate dishes. It was really fun to eat and have great fellowship time with some old friends and many new ones. There was such a feeling of warmth and femininity in the air. I loved it. There are already plans being made to attend next year.

I have also been able to rest and be rejuvinated in one of my favorite Texas towns: Fredericksburg.

We all participated in one of my favorite pastimes: shopping. It was a fun time for sure.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Randomness...

I haven't been up to much lately. Here are a few things I have enjoyed as the days are getting shorter and the season is changing:

I have loved getting back to one of my favorite pastimes- reading. As I look around my home, I am amazed at how many books I own. At this moment in time I am enjoying "Red Moon Rising" by Pete Greig. This book chronicles the call of the Spirit on Pete's life as he has helped flesh out the 24-7 prayer movement in Europe. It is very interesting and challenging. I am thinking I want to revisit Jan Karon's "Mitford" series next.

I have also recently started a new Beth Moore bible study that I absolutely adore. It is the Jesus the One and Only study. I am being grown and challenged by each week and for that I am thankful. Beth has such a wonderful way of making her studies applicable and very exciting. She also makes me think and sometimes re-evaluate my belief systems which I appreciate. I also really enjoy her energy and passion for the Word. It truly is contagious!

The next two weekends will be busy ones for sure. This next weekend my mom, sister-in-law, her mom, and my mom's best friend are headed to Fredericksburg to enjoy a long girls weekend. I am looking forward to the fun that we will have. Mom, Laura, and I love to go to Fredericksburg in the fall. I think it is becoming a fun family tradition. Then the weekend after that we have a family wedding in Houston. I am enjoying the little joys in life's randomness.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Month To Celebrate...

October is one of my favorite months of the year. It seems that every year when October rolls around, I am given a sense of newness and rejuvination. Maybe it is because this special month helps usher in some of the common signs of the Fall season, such as pumpkins, gourds, beautiful harvest colors, and many other things. I know I feel a sense of thankfulness and deep gratitude especially during this month because I get to celebrate someone who is one of the many priests in my life- my precious mom, Cheryl. I don't know what I would do if I did not have the daily blessing of being her daughter. I am indebted to her in so many ways. She is a lovely representation of Christ in my life and I think everyone should know her. She is extremely special.

One of the most precious treasures we have to share in our relationship is our birthdays. My mom's birthday is on October 5 and mine is on October 6. One day apart. I have always thought of that as God's little gift to me. As my birthday came and went this year, I came to a realization. The older you get, the more low-key a birthday becomes. Sure it is still very special, but it is special in a different way as each year passes. My family and friends make me feel very special every day of the year through their love, devotion to me, and pointing me to Jesus. I am also thankful for the faithfulness of my family and friends. I am blessed to be loved, accepted, and appreciated warts and all. Bottom line: I am immeasurably blessed! My prayer is that I will grow to love and serve others this year in a new way and that I will grow in my devotion to the Love of my life. I pray also that the world may see Him through me and that the Spirit is truly at home in who I am becoming. Thank the Lord it is a process! The Lord is always good. Be blessed today.