Saturday, August 14, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never...

My adorable friend, Annalee, did a list on Thursday that got me thinking. She had a fantastic list of items she always does, sometimes does, and never does. This blog post made me want to join in on the fun. Find her post here. I think she is completely wonderful, so please check out her precious blog. So, with no further ado, here is my ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER list.

1) suck air when I find an item in a store that I just cannot live without. Most of my sucking air ensues when I come across an item covered in my favorite patterns which include paisley, houndstooth, toile, damask, or polka dots.
2)  pray throughout my day
3) watch a little TV during the day
4) love the smell of lavender and vanilla
5) listen to uplifting music, most of the time LOUD when I'm by myself
6) check facebook and my blog list for updates multiple times a day
7) am praying for heaven to come to earth

1) leave too many lights on at night {I DO NOT like darkness}
2) allow movies or series {eg: Gilmore Girls} dominate my time and my day
3) catch myself daydreaming about trips I long to take before I die {Ireland, England again, Prince Edward Island, Savannah, Charleston, Rhode Island, Vermont, Whistler and British Columbia, Canada}
4) yell too loud at football games and regret it later when I become hoarse {that's the price I will gladly pay for living in West Texas and loving high school and college football}
5) pinch myself at having my Mommy as my very best friend {she is fabulous}
6) forget to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day
7) shake my head at how intensely blessed I am

1) like the sound of silverware clanging together when I put it away or hear it being put away anywhere else {it's my fingernails on a chalkboard thing in life}
2) like to think about being without my family {family is number two on my most important things in life list}
3) can get through a day without being thankful for God's Presence
4) get enough of good-smelling candles
5) get tired of scarves and cold weather
6) can allow my collection of stationery to get low before I add another set to my mix
7)get tired of monograms

What are some of your always, sometimes, and never things in life? May your day be blessed.   

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lauren's Random Thoughts...

Here are a few radom things that I've been thinking as well as some things that have been on my heart lately:

* I often MARVEL at God's goodness. I love how God brings things out of nowhere, when we are just walking along in everyday life, and WHAM, He sends a blessing. Why are we so astonished when He brings us good things? I want to be a woman who fervently expects God's goodness and love to come my way. Last week, I was contending for something very specific in my family, and by the end of the week, God not only delivered, but gave immeasurably more than I had asked Him for. His goodness is all around us. I desire to live in a way that is fully equipped to enjoy when God decides to spoil me with His goodness, not because He ought to, but simply because He CAN.

* I desire to bring heaven to earth. I am so tired of trying to fit into what human-constructed religion brings me. I want to view every circumstance, every thought, every word, and every single situation in this life through God's eternal perspective. Things of this world are so temorary. I want to invest in things that are eternal. Don't get me wrong. I don't ever want to become a person who cannot relate to earthly realities and situations, I am interested in seeing every thing that happens in life the way God sees it. I desire to be able to relate to people and their needs, so that I can bring the hope, healing, and the joy of Jesus Christ into the life of every person I come into contact with. True freedom resides in a worship that is completely done with man-made religion. I want to be there, but I have so much more to learn. Thankfully, God is working on this area.

That's all folks. I have a lot more going on inside of me, but I will leave you with those thoughts.
I have so much more to learn as I walk the road of becoming more like Christ, but I am immeasurably thankful and full of gratitude for the things that the Lord is teaching me and all of the information that is being downloaded into my inner life. Blessings on your week!