Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Living Life...

To be completely honest, there has not been anything going on in my world that I've felt compelled to write about. I guess one could say that I've been suffering from a case of "blogger's block." My main goal throughout the month of June has been not to die of dehydration or heat stroke. We've had our share of rain for which I've been very thankful. There is just SOMETHING about Texas heat though. The Texas heat is why I bide my time until fall and winter. I wish someone I was close to had a pool that I could flop myself into on hot unbearable summer days.

One thing that is SUPER exciting is that my family and I met Highland's new preacher. Oh my goodness. I cannot wait until August. As we walked up to introduce ourselves, he said, " Hi, you are the Cunninghams, right?" My mom said, "You've been studying the church directory haven't you?" His answer was yes. Jonathan and Leslie are very precious people. Highland is in for such an amazing blessing. Thank you, God.

That's all from my little piece of blogland. Blessings to you.