Saturday, January 05, 2013

My Word...

Every year, over the past three years, I've chosen a word.  I have several friends that do this each year as well.  In my life, choosing a word provides a sort of anchoring focus to the year in front of me.  I also love to see how God teaches, guides and shapes me during the year as He unfolds it along with my word.  Sometimes I have to begin to discern my word weeks before the new year and at other times Holy Spirit gives me a word within minutes of asking.  The latter is what happened for 2013.  On January 1st as I asked, the word rose up quickly in my spirit.  That tends to be my history with Holy Spirit.  As I seek, He is pretty "Johnny-on-the-spot" if you know what I mean.  During 2012 my word was "fullness."  I love doing it.  It's fun. I've found that participating in this discipline each year allows God to reveal a ton about Himself as days and months unfold. 

As I asked Him and began to seek His heart for my word for 2013, I asked what kind of things He wanted to do in and through me in the coming year.  As I began to lay down myself upon the altar of His heart, the word emerged.  My word for 2013 is "new."  I love that word.  I love the potential behind it.  I believe the word "new" reeks of freedom.  In October of 2012, I had a prophecy spoken over me by Isabel Allum at First Methodist Church in Abilene that absolutely wrecked me in the most awesome way possible.  As I received her prophecy, the Father's theme seemed to be new, and as I typed it out again to keep forever in December, the theme that kept resonating within me was newness.  I just think God is so cool and so intentional.  I love that about Him.  I enjoy how He speaks and how Holy Spirit confirms and keeps confirming no matter how long it takes us to listen. 

I'm really excited about 2013.  I'm believing and claiming that God will do great things in, through, and in spite of me. Do you choose a word for the year?  I hope you have a very blessed and favored 2013, blog friends.