Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One C-R-A-Z-Y Summer...

Whew, for the few of you who haven't given up on my blogging, I'm still here. I'm so sorry for the five-month absence. My summer can be summed up in one word: CRAZY. Let me share a little recap with you. Buckle your seatbelts. Here we go.

On June 10th, both my mom and my aunt (her sister) had hip replacements in Plano on the same day one right after the other. Both of them were stars in the Joint Replacement wing of Presbyterian. No one in that practice or hospital had ever had two related people on the books for surgery. It was fun and very noteworthy to everyone that met them. They were in the hospital for a night and came back to Abilene. The really extraordinary thing was that I was their nurse while they were convalescing(sp?) at my parents house. My aunt lives 3o miles out of town, which is hard when you are recovering. It was easier for my uncle to drop her off at Cunningham Convalescent Home and Adult Day Care (very fittingly named, might I add, by the on-call nurse) during the day and pick her up on his way home. I was affectionately called Nurse Ratched during those days. Honestly, that was the only thing I kind of hated. They are both doing really well and are just new women.

On June 14th my mom's beloved 11-year-old Yorkie, Rose passed away. We had known for awhile that her little body was completely out of control. Our vet told us that her white and red blood cells were so out of whack that he was shocked she wasn't having convulsions. She finally passed away after having about five seizures and rolling around on the floor in front of mom. It was devastating she told us later. We buried her in one of our flower beds under a concrete statue. If we hadn't my Westie, Sophie would have most assuredly dug her up. A few days later, our vet told us he thougt she had a huge cancerous tumor in her stomach. No wonder she was unconsolably grouchy and territorial in her old age!

Other than those two things, we've gone on a week-long trip with our family's besties to Telluride, CO, visited both my grandmothers in the hospital, one here at Hendrick and one at Scott and White, visited my uncle, (mom's brother) in the nursing home, had my brother home for the summer, gotten him back to his wife in Lubbock, and I think that is all.

In other news, our bestie family's daughter, Christin, is getting married in December so I'm sure we'll be super busy with that this Fall. I'm a member of the House Party. It was quite an honor that I wasn't expecting in the least. God has also given me some really cool opportunities to share some things this summer. I love that. Oh, and can I just say how much I adore my church? We have a new Preaching Minister, a brand new Worship Minister, a brand new Executive Minister, and a brand new Communications Director and I have to say, I love them all! Such a fabulous team God has knit together. We as a body and as a community are blessed immeasurably. Blessings on the days ahead of you.