Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Little Hiatus...

Hello!  I feel like it has been years since I've updated this space.  My last post was in April.  Five months is a long time to go between posts.  I really don't like not blogging,  Writing is a deep passion of mine and it is something that I am created to do.  I earnestly want this space to be one of encouragement, affirmation, and a space that will leave my readers smiling and feeling deeply valued and loved.  I am glad to say my little hiatus has come to an end.  Honestly, I don't even know if I have any  readers left.  That is completely fine with me.  I write as an outlet in this space.  I pray that the words you find here are ones that leave you feeling empowered and highly esteemed because you are dear reader.  You can expect a new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  With that said, here is a little list of what I've been up to the last five months:

*  I've been helping my mom move and transition into a new job at the Administration Building.  She is now the Executive Director of Federal Programs in the AISD.  Basically, every population that is considered at-risk is under her.

*  I've helped my brother and sister move houses. 

*  I've started filling in part-time at Highland as the sub receptionist.

*  I've taken trips with my family.

*  I've watched countless movies.

*  I've encouraged someone.

*  I've started co-leading a Sunday morning class called Experiencing Prayer at church,

*  I've recently started Beth Moore's Beloved Disciple bible study on Tuesday mornings.

*  I've gone through a really hard season of depression.  {I'm out of it now, but boy was it a doozy}

*  I've battled loneliness.  {Living by yourself is hard sometimes.  I am so hard-wired to be around people.  I enjoy some solitude but too much does bad things to me}

*  I've eaten my weight in cookies.  {I so do not like admitting that.}

*  I've watched some things on YouTube

*  I've gotten back on the Pinterest bandwagon.

*  I've consumed copious amounts of ice-cold tea,

*  I've read some great books.

*  I've written in journals.

*  I've feverishly checked Instagram.  {I am obsessed!}

*  I have made social media an idol.

*  I have seen God's hand in so many things the past five months.

*  I have never stopped believing God is always good.

*  I've hungered for His presence.

*  I've grown in gratitude for His classroom.

*  I've gotten to know His voice.

*  I've learned to rest in Him.  {I'm by no means a pro at this, but I am learning and it has been sweet.}

So there it all is in a nutshell.  Blessings to you!