Monday, October 01, 2012

Someone Who Restores...

My church is in a season of learning to live into a call to partner with God in the restoration of all things.  I really like that.  A question I've begun to ask myself is, "What does it look like to live as a woman who restores?" That is someone I want to be.  I've always loved meditating on it.  I believe restoration is immeasurably powerful.  I believe complete restoration is entirely possible.  God is all about restoration.  I love that I get to partner with Him in bringing restoration in all things.  As I've thought about being someone who restores here are some thoughts that have been dancing around my brain:

Restoration demands a choice. A person is either all in or all out.  You cannot be the least bit wishy-washy.  You cannot have one foot in restoration and the other somewhere else/  If you decide to be all-in, the process of restoration will change you.  Choosing to participate in restoration, in all the many facets of its work will mark you as different in the eyes of the world.  Honestly, I'm more than OK with that.  Remember, as kids of the King, we are supposed to be set apart.  I can't speak for anyone else, but it's a no-brainer for me.  I choose restoration all the way.

God created restoration to be something that is carried out through the lives of His people.  We are created to be vesels of restoration.  God desires complete restoration to be a normal part of life on the earth.  Becoming an agent of restoration is in the job description of being a servant of Christ.  As restoration happens, Jesus is revealed in all His fullness.  I want to be a woman who carries a spirit of restoration.  I want to witness restoration taking hold of this planet through the lives God's dearly beloved and specifically chosen people.  God said it can and does happen, so I confidently believe that I will see it with my natural eyes.  You know what, I completely believe I will.

As we learn to partner with Holy Spirit, restoration is invited to invade atmospheres and cities.  I absolutely love that this is entirely true.  Holy Spirit loves to partner with us to bring restoration into the atmosphere in order to completely change cities for God.  In fact, restoration is one of the first things God loves to invest in before He graces a place with the gift of His presence.  Restoration invites God's presence.  I am all over that.  I'll do absolutely anything to have the sweet presence of the King.  I want to help usher in the work of restoration in order to experience the reality of His glorious presence.