Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Not Much To Report...

I cannot believe it is already December. It seems like this year just has gone so quickly. I guess that is the way it is as a person gets older. It certainly seems to become more true in my life with every passing year. In all honesty, there has not been a whole lot going on in my life that is blog worthy. I did see "The Blind Side" with some friends and LOVED it. I think that is a movie I will have to own. If you have not seen it, GO. It is absolutely wonderful. The story is awesome and Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw are great.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Abilene celebrating with my parents, my mom's whole side, my Nana and Pa, my brother and sister, and some family friends. It is always wonderful to see them. The meal was delicious and our home looked beautiful. I just love when a home is full of people. My mom and dad are such wonderful and warm hosts. I love to watch and learn from their hospitality. We spent most of our time together eating and watching some great football. I was very proud of how well the Aggies played against the Longhorns. Our holiday came to a close with an Abilene High game in North Richland Hills and a very restful lazy Saturday with absolutely nothing on the books. All in all, a great Thanksgiving. I adore the holidays :)