Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Time, No Blog...

Hello, blogworld! After a seven-month absence from writing consistently, I'm not sure I have any readers left.  You may or not be asking where I've been, but I began to feel like I needed to take a break from posting for a while in order to truly find the purpose of this space.  I feel like I'm just now beginning to resurface from a time of refueling and fillng by the Lord in my writing.  Out of this season of trying to listen to the Lord about what He wants to do through my writing I've come to rest upon three goals that I hope to use this place to accomplish.  First and foremost, I want to honor God and be authentic here on my blog.  I want to be honest and transparent, but I also want to wisely discern when to not put every thought and season of my heart's development on the internet.  I've learned that some things need to stay private.

Another goal of this blog is to encourage others.  Encouragement is one of the passions of my exsistence.  I believe I was created to encourage all people in all seasons.  As I've grown into my position in the Kingdom of encouragement, it has been so thrilling to watch and listen to the Holy Spirit as to who and how to encourage a specific person, family, or church. I feel alive when I encourage someone else.  It is so life-giving and energizing to point out the signifigance of people and God's activity in the world and in people's lives.  I love being used by the Holy Spirit to speak life into others.  I pray that this blog is a place where people can stop by and be filled with strength and the joy of the Lord.

The last goal of this blog is to become a place where I can grow as a writer.  I want to rake risks and begin to discover how the Lord might grow and challenge my development as a scribe for His glory.  I believe that God created me to write.  He has confirmed this in so many different ways and I want to develop this gift to fullest measure possible.  I have no idea how far He will take me in this area, but I am over-the-moon excited to occupy this medium in all of its levels! So, I hope to authentically lift up the Lord, to provide refreshment, joy, and to let all people who stop by that they are signifigant and fiercely loved by a huge, beautiful, and life-giving Father,