Wednesday, April 30, 2008

True Joy

These are some of my favorite joys right now:

-writing encouragement notes knowing that the words I speak into people's lives are given to me for a purpose
-looking back and realizing how the Lord has shown His goodness
-being loved on physically and spurred on in faith by some of my heroes in the faith who are some of the most godly, excellent women I have ever known
-seeing how the Lord has used my encouragement to bring life, fullness, and significance to souls
-being intentional about watching the Spirit's activity all around me
-having the inner courts of my soul stirred by a living, active Creator
-gaining rich knowledge into prayer
-learning ways to guard and tend my heart and turn it toward Heaven
-spending lots of time pleading in intercession
-feasting and delighting completely in the peace of my Lord
-learning what true joy is all about
-having "wells" where my soul is fed and ministered to
-knowing that I am a child of God, that I am blessed, and that I am highly favored
-coming to cling to my High Priest

I am immeasurably blessed. The Lord has been so faithful and so good. I am thankful.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simple Pleasures

These are the things I am finding joy in lately. As always, I am finding the Lord's goodness all around me. My prayer is that I will continue to have eyes to see the simple blessings I am afforded on a daily basis.

* wonderful friends
* a wonderful haven in my little home
* the presence of the Lord
* babysitting
* a wonderful, Spirit-filled church community
* discovering the beauty of things long dormant
* being refined and made new by the Author of all good things
* music
* being intentional in intercession
* being able to build others up
* becoming more comfortable in my own skin
* inviting the Holy Spirit into my day

I am finding such a joy and a peace in this season of my journey. In a time when most people wonder what their lives will look like, I am confident in where my future lies. It lies in the hands of a present, ever-unchanging Father and Friend that has my best in mind at all times, in all seasons and in all circumstances. Boy that takes the pressure off me.