Saturday, December 15, 2012


The things you say and believe about yourself matter.  Every time you open your mouth and speak something is released into the atmosphere around you.  What you declare about yourself, your circumstances, your future, and your destiny carries weight.  Declarations steer your life.  It is so critical to declare things that are in agreement with who God says you are.  The bottom line is this: The things you say and believe about yourself is what you will live out every day.

This is something I am very passionate about.  Words are containers of power.  Every word you speak has the power to create or to destroy.  I have seen the importance of being vigilant about the intention of my words.  I want every thing I think, do, and say to release life and light into every atmosphere that I occupy.  This is one way that restoration can enter into this broken world.  I believe it is time to become very intentional about the things we say and believe about ourselves.  One of my favorite ways to declare life-giving and true things about myself, my circumstances, my future, and my destiny is to simply ask God what He thinks about me.  I did it just this week and the things I heard Him say were humbling to say the least -- in a good way.  I was in tears of joy by the end of that sacred time.  Another thing I love to do is to ask Him how I'm known in heaven.  Doing these two things really helps me align my words and declarations about myself with God's heart.  He loves diclosing His heart to His kids.  In fact, that's one of my very favorite things about Him.  I love the fact that He longs to know me intimately and that He longs to be known intimately.  Try asking Him simple, but very specific things.  It's fun.  It's life-giving.  It's intentional.  It provides joy.  It is a way to stay in constant awareness of His goodness, His presence, and His intention toward you.