Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be Still And Know...

I never take enough time to be still. I live in a world that constantly bombards me with reasons to keep moving and to keep producing. To be honest, it gets old. My body gets tired and run down as a result of these messages and my mind races. This present world thrives on activity and constant motion. The world tells us our worth is measured by how much we accomplish and how prominant we are. Worldly success and noteriety comes at a very high price. The invitation of heaven is vastly different from what is seen in the natural realm, in what we can physically see and touch.

Heaven invites us to be still and to enjoy the presence of God that is all around us. God desires us to take time to ask Him what is on His heart. He wants us to move at His pace. Being still gives an opportunity to be refueled, repurposed, and redefined in God. I have a place where I am still every week. Monday nights are my time to be still and to ask God to allow heaven to invade earth. I am able to be still and to really listen and receive His love and mercy. Soaking ushers me into a time of stillness and content solitude with Him. It is only when we are still that the Lord can reveal His heart to us. I want more of that. I truly desire to see heaven invade earth. We need regular times when we are taken away with the Lord in order for Him to minister to us in ways that only He can. It is essential in order to be healthy and active. I hope you have a place and time when you are able to be still and know.

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

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