Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Traditions...

I am a person who absolutely loves traditions. I love to take part in things that have symbolism. What other holiday during the year has more symbolism than Easter? I know the one your thinking, Christmas, and you are right. Personally, I think Easter is better than Christmas because of the fact that we celebrate the finished work of the cross. In recent years, Easter has become my favorite holiday. I have to admit though holy week is difficult for me. This is because I have to face my sinfulness. Thankfully, the blood of Christ and His sacrifice, has cancelled my debt and I am able to stand confidently dressed in His righteousness. I can't even say how much peace and security that brings my soul. I am immensely thankful for the fact that Jesus defeated death and the power of Satan. I am so thankful to be redeemed and to serve a risen Savior. Jesus did not stay in the grave. He is now reigning in glory.

One yearly family Easter tradition is watching The Passion of the Christ at my grandparents house. I only watch this movie on Good Friday. To be honest, I can't really stomach it any other time. It always does my soul good to watch it at this time of year. To think that I could be in the place of those who mocked and spit on Jesus is just astounding to me. And really, I can get to that place quickly. The ingredient that gets me to that place is pride and I do not ever want to be a person of pride. I want to be extremely humble and intensely authentic in my pursuit of Jesus.

Another family tradition that I enjoy is Easter lunch. I just really like to be surrounded by people who draw me to Jesus on that particular day and the members of my family do just that in my life. I also really enjoy food. Who doesn't?

So there you have it, my favorite Easter traditions. What are yours?

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