Monday, April 06, 2009

Holy Moments...

I have had two very precious holy moments in the last couple weeks. The first one happened at HEB Camp last weekend. This precious two year old, Brynn served me communion on Sunday morning. After I received it from her, I wiped many tears from my eyes. She and her family are moving to Thailand in September so I am soaking up the last few months with her. I asked her daddy if he could leave her here but to my disappointment, he said no. This picture was taken right before we all loaded up and headed back to Abilene. I have such great memories of HEB Camp.
The second holy moment happened on Sunday night. My parents and I received a call that the elder JB Gibbs was in his last hours, so we headed over to their house. All three of us had the precious privilege of praying over such a wonderful godly servant leader as his family surrounded him preparing to usher him into heaven. I cannot say how much I have been given by the Gibbs family. They are just the best. Such wonderful, authentic servants who walk the walk with such beautiful sincerity. I have been thanking the Lord all day for that special gift.

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