Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Victorious Warriors...

I don't know about you, but I know I want to be victorious in my life as a believer in Jesus Christ. In fact, God wants us as His disciples to be victorious as well as to enjoy this world He created. I desperately want to be a woman who lives in victory and in peace with everyone. Jesus calls me to be a peacemaker, not a person who destroys and weakens. God wants me to learn all I can about His character and His likeness. One discription of God that I adore is the one of Him being a victorious warrior. He is not shy. He is not timid. He is powerful and full of ultimate authority. I want to live the life of a victorious warrior, clothed in every piece of His holy armor so that I can deflate and defeat all of Satan's attempts to control my life and my destiny. I found a little book today on my bookshelf that was crying out to be reread. It is Joyce Meyer's The Word, The Name, The Blood. It is a tiny little book, but it is chalk-full of powerful lessons to gain victory over the ruler of this present world and I am all about that.

I want the demons to be afraid of the power I possess in Jesus Christ and the authority I exercise over their dominion. I am not about to allow Satan the pleasure of having control of my thoughts, actions, the attitudes of my heart, or the meditations of my spirit. I belong spirit, soul, and body to the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be a student of God's heart. I want to be a strong warrior woman of my King. Take time today to learn to be victorious in all areas and arenas of your life, but also make a decision to live a victorious life within the confines of your heart, where the inner man is always being formed, renewed, and sharpened. Think victorious thoughts. Say victorious words. Then and only then will you be a victorious warrior clothed in the authority and promises of God.

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Chelsie said...

Thanks for the birthday card friend- made my day. You are so good at remembering!!