Monday, April 13, 2009

Power In The Blood...

Over recent years I have come to really understand the power that resides in the blood of Jesus. As a result of the knowledge I have gained, I have begun to revere His blood. It is the most precious and costly gift He has given to this world. It is one hundred percent our choice whether or not His blood will take its full effect. We have to use our mouths to appropriate the power of His blood. I don't know if you know this but every time the name of a disciple of Jesus Christ is spoken, His blood washes over him or her. That just astounds me. The power that resides in the blood has the potential to change your life. As I was growing up I heard the song There's Power in the Blood, but I never really understood what that meant.

One of my favorite aspects of the blood of Jesus is that it is a line of defense the Lord uses to protect His disciples from Satan. Every single time Satan tries to accuse us, the blood of Jesus stands ready to pardon and redeem us, if we appropriate it. Appropriating the blood of Jesus is really easy and it provides a strong sense of security. All you have to do is say with your mouth, "I appropriate the blood of Jesus over ____ and I ask it to take its full effect over their life." Do this and sit back and watch the Lord hand deliver you many blessings. Satan knows that if the blood of Jesus is covering a man, woman, boy, or girl, he cannot have control or authority over them, their families, or their lives. Go ahead give it a try. I promise you will see results.

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