Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Confidence is very important in the world we live in. I have to point out though, that learning how to grow in humble, godly confidence is the way to go. Growing into a person of confidence provides peace and worth. Confidence allows us to go for our dreams and to realize that we have what it takes to see them come true. If a person is confident, they know that their worth is not measured only by success or failure, it comes from the person that they are. If men and women take the time to grow in confidence it will bring a deep and rich satisfaction that the world cannot destroy.

Confidence is a decision. Every day when our eyes open and before our feet hit the groud, we decide to be confident or to be overtaken by worry or doubt. Take it from someone who knows, choosing to be confident saves so much time. Another thing is that we honor and please God when we choose confidence. He did not create us to be ruled by doubt, fear, or inferiority. Ultimately, confidence equals true and lasting happiness. Choose to be confident.

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