Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thin Places...

I recently had an experience with the Lord that has been etched into my mind's eye. This experience occurred in the midst of my soaking time on one Monday evening. In case you don't know what soaking is, it is a time set aside to wait in the presence of the Lord for Him to speak to our hearts in times of quiet reflection. Sometimes there is someone speaking with music in the background and sometimes there is only instrumental music. The really cool thing is that you are invited to get as comfortable as you possibly can so that you can focus and be present as the Lord spends time with you. I absolutely love it. Soaking is a thin place in my week.

A thin place is where God invades the natural realm and a piece of heaven can be seen or felt. Now, that is just my definition. If I really think about it, there are thin places everywhere because God is constantly on the move. He is always wanting to reveal more of Himself to those who earnestly devote themselves to looking for evidence of His presence. It is so much fun to search for God in everything. I constantly pray that I will have a spirit that is receptive and open to the Lord; that my spirit will be one hundred percent accessible to Him in all seasons, in all circumstances, and in all I do and say. Now I wonder if you have thin places in your lives. Take time today to ask God what the thin places are for you. It will most likely surprise you what He reveals. It has left me astounded at times. He truly is everywhere. Open your eyes and your spirit to search and find Him. He is expectantly searching and longing for you. He is especially fond of you and you are His favorite. That is one thing that the sacrifice of Christ bought us--the opportunity to be the apple of God's eye.

"Keep me as the apple of Your eye." - Psalm 17:8

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annalee said...

thank you for the way you share the lessons God is teaching you. And thank you for sharing in our prayers for Adelaide. You are an encouragement!