Thursday, April 16, 2009

Right Motives...

Do you ever have times when God checks your motives publicly? I had one of those times recently. I quickly realized that Satan had put words in my mouth and I was absolutely mortified. As soon as I spoke, I knew my motives, in that moment, were not pure at all. I desperately desire to have pure and righteous motives in everything I do, say, and think. But there are some days when God gives a test to prove whether we have correct motives. I am sad to say, I failed the test I took in that moment. I hate that. I would like to think that after sixteen years on the journey of discipleship, I have grown in this area. I guess I have some more growing to do and I am thakful the Lord showed me that.

Pure, righteous, and right motives are imperative if we want to go into deeper realms with the Lord. The one thing I have learned after all these years is that the one thing He desires more than any other thing is to have all of your heart. The bottom line is that God desires wholehearted devotion. Another thing that is really important is that we as His disciples, regularly check our motives to make sure we are being led by the Lord or if we are being led by our flesh or pride. Pride is just disasterous. It is evil. It is destructive and it breeds competition. Stay as far away from pride as you can. Being a person who walks with godly motives brings a freedom and joy that is unspeakable. I sure learned my lesson.

"And you, my son, acknowledge the God of your father and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind your thoughts." - I Chronicles 28:9

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