Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waiting Time...

Honestly, I don't like to wait very much. Throughout recent years though, the Lord has taught me just how valuable these times are. Seasons of waiting are part of the journey. In fact, we spend more of our life waiting than we do receiving from the Lord. God is teaching me patience, but I have to say that I still have a long way to go. Truly, seasons of waiting produce so much character and perseverance in a disciple. Waiting really tests how much we want something and it also shows how hard we are willing to work for it. God uses these times to weed out the excess in our spiritis and chisels away at any unneeded character traits. That is the hard part--sitting on the Potter's Wheel as He remakes, repurposes, and restores us as His vesels. A lot of his people come to Him in brokenness and that is exactly how He wants it because brokenness ushers in complete humility. When we are broken, we are at a stage where He can really use what we bring to Him in a way that is totally His and not hyped up on the way we want things to run in our lives. Brokenness gives the Lord a chance to fill us with His power and His life and light.

There are two things we can do during the time God tells us to wait. We can either be victorious and excellent and believe that He is performing a work that will make us better and more prepared and equipped for what we want, or, we can complain and whine and make ourselves, and God miserable. Personally, I choose the first option. God rewards proper waiting attitudes. He sees our hearts and knows our motives and how we wait. The Lord wants to make us stronger, more beautiful, and more into the image of His Son. Periods of waiting are meant to accomplish this goal. So, how do you wait on what you desire the Lord to bring to pass in your life? Do you walk excellently or do you say, "Are we there yet?" or "God, please hurry up already!" I confess that I've been there. I've done that. It dosen't profit me anything to complain. I want a believing, receptive, and expectant spirit so that God can teach and mold and grow who I am.

"Patience is not the ability to wait, it is keeping a good, godly attitude while waiting." - Joyce Meyer

"Humilility says, "God knows best, and will never be late!" - Joyce Meyer

"Lord, I want Your will, in Your timing. I do not want to be ahead of You nor do I want to be behind You. Help me, Father, to wait patiently on You. - Joyce Meyer

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