Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I love baseball. This has been a love I have cultivated after spending years watching my brother, Grant, as he played. Now, I don't particularly enjoy watching baseball on TV. I prefer to watch it live. Watching a live baseball game is so much fun. My love of America's pastime has even made it into my wardrobe. I really like to wear baseball caps, but I don't wear them very often. I like to watch high school baseball, professional baseball, and collegiate baseball. I love to make family trips to the Ballpark in Arligton to take in a Rangers game. I need to remind my family of that and suggest we make a trip this spring.

I have such great memories of watching Grant play baseball. My family spent years running the Key City Little League concession stand. If you ever are in the market for a concession stand worker, I have very hoaned and time-honored skills. I can make a mean snow cone. We spent many nights out at the ballpark enjoying baseball at its finest. We also enjoyed about ten thousand meals there too. Grant's position was always the catcher. Good thing that was his favorite position. I LOVED watching him grow and mature as a baseball player all the way through his senior year in high school. The love of baseball runs deeply in our family. I think I will always enjoy America's pastime. It has always been my favorite beside high school football.

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