Friday, March 20, 2009

Kindred Community...

There is something so special about having a group of people in life to share experiences, ideas, dreams, and prayers. I am blessed beyond what I deserve in the community that surrounds me. It is such a cherished part of my heart that I like to call this group my kindred community. I don't think it matters to God how many people surround us in life, but it matters immeasurably the quality of people we choose to surround us. My kindred community is big. But there are four specific members that I am thinking of especially today with a thankful heart. Three of the members are best friends. These are guys who are incredibly authentic disciples of Jesus Christ. I don't know what I have done to deserve such great friends and brothers in Christ. They are all gifts of grace that I truly treasure. K has taught me what a true and authentic worshipper and servant looks like in spirit and heart. B has taught me how to love others selflessly. J has shown me a devotion to people and to the Lord that is unmatched. These three men are incredible men of God who passionately and fervently pursue His heart. I am so grateful for their places in my life.
The fourth person who I am thinking of and thanking God for today is my precious and dear friend Kirsta. Her life is such a true-to-life picture of godliness and humble excellence. She has taught me to many lessons to pick just one. Kirsta has taught me to relentlessly pursue the Lord's character so that it may become mine. She has shown me how gentle and true wisdom are meant to guide and protect me. She is such an unbelievable woman of God and I am blessed to have her influence and love in my life of discipleship.
Kindred community is such a rare and precious gift that is to be cared for and maintained with gratitude, I believe. I can't tell how many times I have been on my knees praising God for this unmerited blessing. I am a better disciple and lover of Jesus because of all of these most precious people.

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