Saturday, March 07, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

I love thinking about the concept of coming home to a special, cherished place. I adore being able to come to my parents home on the weekends to visit them and to visit my Westie, Sophie, who lives with them. My parents home just hugs me everytime I walk through the door. It is such a comfy cozy sacred space that is close to my heart. I love coming into a home where I know the Spirit resides. When my family moved into this home we did a very precious and memorable thing. We went through the entire home while it was in the sheetrock stage and wrote scriptures pertaining to the different activities that would take place in each room. For example, in the enrtyway we wrote scriptures inviting and ushering in the Holy Spirit and the presence of the Lord. In the dining room we wrote scriptures about food and the richness of the Lord. I plan on doing the same thing if I am ever blessed to build a new house for my future family to enjoy.

I also love and treasure being invited into other people's homes. I believe the things in a home really speak to what is important in a person's life and showcase their priorities. My theory in furnishing a home is to surround yourself with things that make you feel safe, welcome, and to fill it with things that make your soul smile. One of my favorite things to do in my home is to burn candles. It just fills my spirit with a homey feeling. There is nothing like stepping into your own space that the Lord has blessed you with to govern, keep, and establish. I always remember though that my home is indeed a gift of God's grace and that I am only a steward of the beautiful and warm little comfy cozy home He has given me. Everything that is mine was His first.

I hope you have a cherished place you call home. It is a blessing and a gift given by the Lord.

"I will behave myself wisely and give heed to the blameless way; I will walk within my home in complete integrity and with a blameless heart."

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