Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Pa's Birthday...

Today, March 18th, is always a special day in my heart. Why, you may ask? Well, the reason is because it is a day of celebration in honor of my Pa's birthday. March 18, 2009 is made extra special because he turns 75. I ADORE my precious grandparents. They are two of the most authentic and generous people I have ever met. These are my Daddy's parents, so you also get a peak at why they are so cherished to me, because my Daddy is so precious to me. My Pa and I have always had such a wonderful and blessed relationship. It is one of the most cherished relationships in my life, for sure. His nickname for me is "Little Angel" and I'm not sure if that is true :) I have loved being so loved on and blessed by my sweet grandparents.

Another interst and love that my Pa and I share is Baylor Women's Basketball. You all know what a loyal and devoted sports fan I am. Now, I'm not as familiar with all of the Baylor women's names, but you can ask my Pa every one of their names and he can spout them off. It's fun to watch him be so excited. My Nana is absolutely hilarious to watch as she takes in a Baylor basketball game. I love when she gets so excited she starts screaming and hooting and hollering! It is such a blast!

The thing I am most thankful for though is the faith heritage of my Nana and Pa. It is such a rich blessing to watch them love and depend on Jesus. I am one blessed young woman.

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Ashley said...

And they are blessed to have YOU as a granddaughter!
Thank you SO much for the precious note I received! You are such an encouragement & blessing. I am so grateful to have people you like you in my life!