Friday, March 27, 2009

Passion and Purity...

I began a book this week that I have heard wonderful things about. I am reading Elsabeth Elliot's Passion & Purity. So far it is great, but I'm only into the introduction. There is nothing I desire more than purity. I want a pure and fully surrendered heart before the Lord. Josh Harris wrote the forward and I have read his book Boy Meets Girl which chronicles his romance with his wife Shannon. It was excellent. In case you are new to this blog, I will say it again, I LOVE to read. I am really excited to be sharpened by the wisdom and grace of the contents of this particular book. Every review I've read is just glowing. I'll let you know more when I am deeper into the story.

Passion and purity. These two words have lost so much meaning in our present-day society and culture. In the world we live in, love is cheap. Love means jumping into bed with someone of the opposite sex. I do not condone this, but I am called to love those who participate. Let me just say that I think passion and purity have totally different meanings. Last night I read a thought that I adored. She pointed out that, "It is possible to love passionately and stay out of bed." I believe with all my heart that that statement is true. To be honest, I don't want to be part of a romance that is not one hundred percent under the leadership and complete control and authority of Jesus Christ. I just think there are so many rich and glorious things God can teach me if I give him complete reign in the areas of dating, courtship, and relationships in general. I have never been one to date very often, I have only been on one actual date and the result of that date was a huge stain of cherry snowcone juice right down the middle of my shirt. Not a pleaseant picture. And another great guy called me once to come over and have dinner, but I declined because I had to go to a wedding of a dear friend. So, my dating history is almost non-existent. I truly believe with all my heart that God is preparing and equipping me and my future mate for His perfect time and season to manifest this most cherished desire of my heart.

One thought that I learned from Josh Harris is how I treat men in my life. He pointed out that they too, most likely will become a mate for someone--if not me, than someone else. I love that. It teaches me to respect and admire and to love them in a godly, gentle, and humble manner. Having that mental image of the men in my life being a spouse someday really helps me gauge how to appropriately honor and treat them. This brings up another issue. I want to love intelligently and in a way that honors and blesses the Lord. I constantly ask the Lord that I will be a woman who loves well. I want to use my head and to be led in wisdom as I love. I want to be a student of Scripture so that I can love fully, but also love in a way that honors God's Word. Another thing I do daily, honestly, many times a day is pray for my future mate and his family. I pray over his dreams, ambitions, his character, and his good in the heavenly places. There is so much more that I pray for, but those are the major things. It truly is a blesssing to put it entirely in God's hands. It brings so much peace. As I wait, I try to deepen my relationship with the Lover of my Soul.

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