Monday, March 09, 2009


Transition. That word brings up mixed feelings. In my mind whenever transistions come, I look at them as times to hold even more tightly to the hand and heart of Jesus. In these challenging times, I am faced with a choice. I can either wallow in the past or I can appreciate and learn from the past while looking with hope and certainty in the Lord into the future. I choose the latter. My heart and spirit are going through a season of transition right now. Yesterday during worship, my minister of eighteen years announced his resignation. I am so excited for this new adventure in his life and in his walk with the Lord. He is deeply passionate about this new opportunity. He and his family will stay in Abilene and at Highland and for that I am so thankful. I have sat under Mike's teaching since 1993 when I entered 4th grade. My brother, Grant, was in 2nd grade.

I am really very, very excited about this time for the Highland body. I expected there to be a loud gasp throughout the audience but there really wasn't. I am keeping Highland close in prayer right now because I know that Satan loves to capitalize on times when change comes in an attempt to plant doubt, fear, and dissention in a church. I foresee this time to be one of discernment, growth, and waiting expectantly on the Lord. I am really looking forward to seeing the family the Lord will raise up to lead and love our church. One thing I am immensely thankful for is our eldership. Highland is led by 42 Spirit-saurated and committed men who are ruthlessly devoted to walking in ways of excellence, integrity, and righteousness. These men are wise. These men wait until they know the Spirit is leading their steps. These men are committed to prayer. These men listen to the church body. These men are very pastoral. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and joy in that fact. God is still God. He is still on His throne. He will lead and He will provide the person we need to bring us to the next level of our growth and maturity as a church. Please, please pray for Highland, for Mike, Diane, Matt, Jenna, and Chris, and for the elders as they begin a process of discernment. Pray for God's wisdom to permiate all they do. Mike will continue to preach through July 21st. God is in control and I am praising Him for His faithfulness and ultimate goodness.

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