Monday, March 16, 2009

The Letter...

On Friday, Grant received the letter he has been waiting for for months. This letter held a lot of weight. It held the answer to where Grant and his wife Laura would live for the next three years and start the next phase of their lives. It was a great day of celebration for the Cunningham clan. He got accepted into Texas Tech Law School. I am so excited for this future lawyer. The really fun part about this story is that our family and close friends have been lifting Grant and Laura and this desire of his heart before the Lord as well as the delivery to take place on his birthday. The birthday was on March 12th and the acceptance came on March 13th. Tech was Grant's first choice, so we are all overjoyed that the Lord answered our prayers on his behalf. Sunday night we had a fun family 24th birthday-law-school -acceptance celebration to honor Grant. The above picture is of he and I at that fun occasion. Our closest family friends as well as my grandparents were there. It was such a joy to celebrate this milestone. Grant and Laura are taking a survey trip to Lubbock soon. I can't wait to possibly attend some fun Tech sporting events. I love the Big 12 teams. I am so thankful they will still live in Texas and possibly only two and a half hours away. If they end up in Lubbock, I can foresee many fun family memories being made. Congratulations, Grant!
"Commit your way to the Lord and your plans will succeed." - Proverbs 16:3

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annalee said...

what WONDERFUL news!