Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Super Nanny Phenomenon

In case some of you do not know, there is a show on ABC right now called Super Nanny, wherre a British nanny named Jo Frost comes to help struggling parents get control of the reins of their children. As I watch this show each week, I continue to be shocked and appalled at the severity of the children's behavior. I often ask myself, "How can two people allow their children to get so out of control?" It is so easy these days with the pressures of work and the world outside of the home. It is absolutely incredible to see just how much control the children have over the parents! The episode last night featured a family with three children, two twin girls and a boy. One of the twin girls slapped and spit all over her poor mother and she also pointed at her mother as if trying to scold her for putting this little girl in the "naughty corner". Don't you just love the sound of that. " Hey Joe go sit in the naughty chair for four minutes and think about what you did when you peed on your brother". Every week I seem to make mental notes about how I will not allow my children to act, but I am sure that they will act out of sorts sometimes, that is just the nature of kids. Be blessed today.

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