Monday, April 04, 2005

Anticipating Summer

I don't know about you, but I am very eager for the arrival of Summer. This particular season invites a certain spontaneity and slow pace into my life that I seem to let slip during all the other seasons. I am ready for Rangers baseball games, Cajun Cones, and leisurely barbeques with friends and family. A little "surprise" excursion sounds really good right about now! My plan this summer is to relish the things that I truly cherish. Some of those things include enjoying the majesty of a sunset, getting sucked into a Francine Rivers novel, and going to lots of movies. I am very ready to put books and deadlines aside for three months to intentionally enjoy each day and surprise the Lord sends my way. My prayer for myself and all of you is that the Summer will provide the time to commune with the Lord in ways that are refreshing and new. One thing that God has really shown me this semester is not to be afraid of entering into His presence. A majority of my time is spent not wanting to sit in silence to truly listen to God. I think it is because I am afraid of what he will ask of me and of the ways he will ask me to grow. Let's face it, maturity is scary and uncertain. I pray that we remember that God longs to know us intimately and completely. God's desire is to grow us in discipleship. My prayer is that we would not shy away from these incredibly rich times of refinement. Let us take hold of the Master's hand and allow him to take us deeper and higher into his holiness. May you know the peace of Christ today.


Cheryl C said...

Me too, Chickadee! I can hardly wait for the slow pace of summer. That is one thing I really love about my job! I also look forward to having you home!

Hugs and prayers for a blessed day!


Kim Q. said...

Hey sweet sweet angel!!! I have to tell ya...I MISS YOU over in Campus Life!!!!! I'm sad that I hardly see you and now not even talk to you. Did you ever get my messages on your 6075 number? I can tell you this. I know that YOU are annointed by God! I see it in your heart,voice,penmanship, and the way that you love people! I adore you Miss Lauren! You ALWAYS bring sunshine into my life!!!! I wish I could shrink you down and carry you in my purse, so that I could just take you out and lift my spirits whenever I needed to!!!!! Thank you for posting on my Blog. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you! Well, Miss Lauren, I hope to see you soon. Always remember, you are a treasure to me from God!

I pray God continues to fill you with a joy that makes you have uncontrollable urges to do cartwheels wherever you go!

My love and friendship forever, Kim Quile