Friday, April 01, 2005

The Gift of Community

After almost twelve years on this journey toward Heaven and further into the heart of God, I think I finally realize why community was so important to Jesus--in his personal life and in his ministry. Times surrounded by close friends and family and other familiar people are sacred and should be cherished. Jesus knew that his followers would need this type of relationship if their journey was to be fruitful. He knew that we would need to rely on the prayers and strength of others when we could not find it within ourselves. In my own life, there is quite a large group of this community. I call these cherished friends "my people". Some of these people I have asked for fervently and others have been sweet affirmations from the hand of God. Two of the most cherished members of this group have been my parents and grandparents. They have ever so gently modeled the character of Jesus and I will take that with me forever. Others in this community include the families in my small group, the Etters, the Bennetts, the Zellers, Jayma Savage, Squeaky Walker, Maria White, Kirsta Leeds and many others. Even though it seems that these two small words could not encompass my love for each one of you, I say thank you. Thank you for teaching and showing me, through the gift of your lives, what real discipleship looks like. Thank you for giving me a hunger for truth, thank you for teaching me to pray and to intercede on behalf of others, thank you for teaching me to serve. Most importantly, thank you for giving me the gift of Jesus, thank you for teaching me to hold fast to his promises. Thank you for the assurance that God's signature is on my heart forever. My journey with my Savior is what it is because of each of you and so many others. I love you and I treasure the relationships we share.


Cheryl C said...

I love you too, Sweets! Have I told you lately that you are my favorite daughter?!! Well, you are!



Rob C said...

Little L you are the best ! My my what a blessing you are. Dad