Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Remembering Brody

The last couple of weeks my heart has held a new kind of grief for Bret, Jennifer, Taylor, and Brock Bourland. You see, as is customary this time of year, Brody's cherished Cedar Creek Little League held Opening Ceremonies. I can connect with the Bourlands' love of little league baseball because my family and I spent four years running the concession stand at Key City. The memories of the ballpark are some I will not soon forget. There is something precious about watching young men enjoy America's pastime. There is also nothing in this world like enjoying a Ballpark burger. One snapshot from Brody's funeral that I will carry with me forever is that his teammates who were at the funeral were dressed in their Cedar Creek uniforms to honor his love of baseball. I, like so many others at Highland, wish I had known this precious sixth grade boy who exemplified the character of Christ in every aspect of his life. My dad, Rob, had the opportunity to get to know him because he taught in the sixth and seventh grade boys class on Wednesday nights in the summer. His life will never be the same as a result of the influence of Brody Bourland. I have asked my dad the last couple of weeks if he could identify what made Brody special. He did not have to think for long! Brody exemplified humility, mercy, gentleness, authenticity, and joy in everything he was a part of. God was cultivating Brody's spirit to become an oak of righeousness. The Spirit of the Living God was overflowing from Brody's life. It seemed to touch everything he was a part of--in his family, his friendships, and every other activity he participated in. Brody has taught me how to be a more effective disciple. He has taught me how to look past outward appearances and into the heart of both people and situations. I will be eternally grateful to him. Father, I praise you for giving Brody Bret Bourland life, thank you for using his short eleven years to produce such abundant fruit. I praise you for using his death in a way that has brought a church together in a way that she will never be the same. I know that you had to have an annointed assignment for him in Heaven because I know that he could have been used powerfully on earth to proclaim and to display your glory in so many lives and in so many ways. Brody, you will never ever be forgotten. I know for a fact that I am not over your loss. Thank you for showing the world, through your life, that God's signature was on your heart.

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Rob C said...

Hey Little "L" ! Great post somehow I wish Jennifer & Bret could see this. I keep hearing from lots of people how wonderful last Saturday was out at the opening ceremonies for Cedar Creek Little League. It was proclaimed Brody Bourland Day and the entire opening ceremony was centered around Brody. I know it was powerful. I cannot help but think of the many young men that are being ministered to through Brody's death. Can you imagine hearing years from now that a young soul was brought to Christ through Brody Bourlands death. My heart is still so heavy with grief for the Bourlands. I wish I could make things a little better for them right now. I LOVE YOU! Dad