Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Passing of the Pope

As you might imagine, I have been glued to CNN and ABC as John Paul II has lived out the final days and hours of his journey on earth. I have been incredibly humbled at the breadth of his legacy given to Catholicism. The message that I have recieved from John Paul has been one of humility, mercy, authenticity, compassion, and peace. As a fellow follower of Christ, I am thankful for the way that he trusted in the will of God. He encouraged the Catholic church to perservere in times of trial. I believe he knew that the refinement of one's character is one goal of being a child of God. My prayer in the days to come is that God would bless Rome and the Vatican as they show their respect, through times of mourning. Father, I praise you for allowing the Catholic church, and the world in a sense, to be led by a man who was a friend and champion of those who knew poverty and oppression. I thank you for allowing him to be a gentle and kind leader. I pray that as a result of the death of John Paul, there will be a revival of trust and belief in Jesus Christ. I ask that you remember the those that claim alligence to Catholicism as they mourn, please also pray for the upcoming Conclave that will gather in Rome to elect a new leader. May you know the height, depth, and breadth of the love of Christ today.

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Cheryl C said...

I love you Sweets! I pray you have a blessed week and finish up this semester strong!

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