Friday, April 01, 2005

The Glory of God

Today, as I walked into Chapel, I expected Praise Day, our Friday staple on the ACU campus. I was blessed to join the entire student body as we sang old familiar hyms. After about three songs, Dean Barnard approached the podium and announced that Max Lucado was going to share about some new service opportunities that are being implemented in Western San Antonio. Boy, was I blessed and challenged by his very timely message. His topic was the glory of God. Max remided us that we are not here for our own comfort, but we are here to proclaim God's glory. He also shared that God in his sovereignty, can use each of us whether in health or sickness, to help make His glory known. My prayer is that with each moment that I am given will be used to show the world the glory of my God. Be blessed today


Rhonda said...

Welcome to the blog community! I found your blog through Mike Cope's. I'm sure God will use you, as you express your thoughts, to show His glory.

carly said...

iloveu ur like a sister to me
and u have showed the love of god to me alot ince ive known u