Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring's Awakening

As Spring has made its entrance, I have been reminded of so many simple pleasures I have been blessed with. Some of the most cherished simple pleaures I enjoy are being around beloved friends, intercessing on behalf of others, the regal majesty of a sunset, reading a great novel, loving on our Yorkie, and writing. I have also been reminded of the beauty of God's creation. Spring has a way of teaching me anew, that every day is a gift. We are to enjoy it passionately, basking in its uniqueness, glory, and splendor. Each Spring, my senses are tantalized by the heady fragrance of a flower, the sound of birds making melody, the sight of a clear unencumbered blue sky, and the touch of the wind playing with my hair. Thank you Lord for the arrival of Spring and for the sense of renewal that it ushers into our lives. My prayer is that I will enjoy each new day with a renewed fervor and passion. Open my eyes and heart to recognize your innumerable blessings and new opportunities that you place in my path. Renew the eyes of my spirit to recognize the leading of your Holy Spirit, and his tender whisperings. I pray that you use this blessed season to help me to reclaim the sweetness of your promises. Sew my spirit to unreservedly welcome the cultivating and pruning of my heart. Have your way Lord. I am yours. Continue to emblazen your signature on all of who and what I am becoming.

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Doug said...

What am inspiring line of thoughts.