Monday, May 02, 2005

4 Days and Counting....

Finally, in just four days I will be free of deadlines and schedules! I am ready for a three month break. Summer cannot come fast enough. The feeling of freedom is all over campus. It seems that students, faculty, and staff can all feel the need for a long summer break of rejuvination and relaxation. I don't have any huge plans for the break other than a mission trip to Eugene, Oregon in June with several families from Highland. We are traveling to Eugene as a part of the Into All the World campaign. I cannot wait until we get a chance to worship with Christ Fellowship. I am really looking forward to being reunited with Matt and Sarah Lynn Grubb. I really miss Matt and Sarah Lynn's presence in the Highland body. I have also heard of some great ministry opportunities such as Hosea which is a homeless shelter for teens. I heard about this particular ministry from Steve and Chelsie Sargent as a result of Steve sharing some tidbits from spending two months in Eugene before beginning graduate school at ACU. I have heard incredible things about the people that are a part of the Christ Fellowship congregation and I cannot wait to see and meet them for myself. Be blessed these last few days of the semester as we finish tests and look forward to a very effective, productive, restful summer break. Come sweet summer come!

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