Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

This week I have been reminded of so many blessings I have to be thankful for. Here is a list of my favorite things, with the blessings mixed in. The life I live is such an abundant joy.

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ
2. Cherished, longstanding friendships
3. My close-knit family
4. West Highland Terriers
5. West Texas sunsets
6. The Barefoot Contessa on Food Network
7. Chris Tomlin's music
8. Intercession
9. Mary Engelbreit
10. Highland Church of Christ- my church home
11. My baby cousin Emma Beth
12. red, sage, and gold- a few of my favorite colors
13. having a younger brother- I love you, Grant
14. having so many cherished mentors willing to disciple my journey of faith
15. witnessing my parents marriage
16. having my grandparents in Abilene
17. my Yorkie Rose
18. being renewed and challenged by Scripture
19. New beginnings
20. God's infinite love
21. roses, calilillies, and hydrengias
22. having my mom as a precious friend
23. Bath & Body Works
24. having my daddy as an elder at Highland
25. having Mark Lewis as a friend, mentor, and my personal elder
26. being raised in Abilene, Texas
27. being able to attend ACU
28. Ephesians 3:14-21, Provers 3:5-8, Isaiah 58:11, 1 Peter 3:4
29. Knowing that God is at work in me
30. Living in joy, praise, and ceasless thanksgiving to an infinite Creator and Sustainer
31. Knowing that Jesus longs to be my daily bread and that I have the honor of courting the King of my heart.

This life is full of both simplicity and hardship, the goal of all of it is to shape us, to challenge us, and to make us into what we were created to become through Jesus. Be blessed as you count the blessings of your journey.

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Kate said...

Congratulations to you on making it to summer vacation. I have just a few more weeks and then I will be enjoying it too. Good luck with finishing up this week! Thanks for the reminder of God's many blessings.