Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cabela's Superstore

Tomorrow is a special day. Well, at least to the men in my family. The Cunningham men are hunting and fishing enthusits. Basically they enjoy anything that is performed outdoors. So to any other red blooded American male, raised in Texas, the Grand Opening of a massive Cabela's Superstore as close as the Metroplex is a dream come true. That means that this store is just a mere two hours away from Abilene. I imagine Grant and my dad will frequent this shrine to everything that a male would consider a good time. This Cabela's Superstore is supposed to be even bigger than the Bass Pro Shop, which happens to be Grant's favorite store of all time. All I can say is Boys, have fun! My mom and I will at least have La Madeline, our favorite French bistro in the entire world. Any trip to Dallas is fun and relaxing with my family and I can't wait to go!

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