Saturday, May 21, 2005

Will and Anna

Today our home was filled with women oohing and aahing over two 6 week old fraternal twins. They are the blessed new additions to Kelly and Megan Cheek, who are the daughter and son-in-law of one of my mentors, Jayma Savage. Today was a celebration of the fruition of a long-awaited dream. Kelly and Megan have been married for five or six years and they have not been able to get pregnant on their own, so naturally they decided to adopt from Christian Homes. The most miraculous part of this sweet story is the fact that their first adoption fell through. The first time Kelly and Megan tried to adopt a baby, they had to travel all the way to Rochester, New York and at the last second, before the papers were to be signed and everything was to become official, the birth mother decided to keep the baby. So about a month went by and it had always been Megan's dream to have twins. About that time Christian Homes let the Cheeks know that a birth mother was expecting twins and that they would need to place these precious babies soon. Well, the birth mother leafed through the placement book and chose to place her twins with Kelly and Megan. On April 7, 2005 Anna Marie and Wilson Gabriel were placed in the Cheek family. It has been so sweet to hear stories of this precious, godly couple becoming new parents! God is so faithful and so full of wonderful surprises! Welcome to the world Will and Anna. We love you.

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