Friday, January 30, 2009


There has been one area in my life that the Lord has outdone Himself. This gift in my life always leaves me very grateful and couting my blessings. This gift the Lord has lavished upon me is the gift and wonderful blessing of godly, Christ-shaped mentors. I honestly don't know what my witness of Christ or my life would look like without mentors in my life. I know this, I would be unrecognizable. Mentors are such a gift of God's infinite grace. I have several but I will only highlight a few here. Truly, I could write volumes about each of these people and how they have shown me Christ. But, I won't do that here. Here we go.

1. Jayma Savage: This is a woman who possesses a tenderness and relentless godliness like I have never known. Every apect of her life just oozes God. I love and deeply respect and admire Jayma's commitment to follow the Lord's commands whatever the cost. She has such a lovely soft gentleness and mercy about her. But, the Lord has also used her in my journey to speak hard truths to me. One thing that I really appreciate about Jayma is her commitment to my character and her desire to see me become the woman the Lord desires me to be. I am so very blessed to have Jayma's influence over my journey toward Jesus.

2. Mark Lewis: Mark is absolutely one of the most genuine disciples I have ever come to know and love. God has given Mark such an authentic and lovely faith. I have never met anyone who has a spirit that is so full of joy, exuberance, grace, and agape love. He possesses such a warm and inviting wisdom. When I think of someone who is completely sold out for God, I immediately think of Mark. He is such a rich and mature example of a godly man. Mark is a man of steadfast faithfulness. I have come to see the face of God through the gift of my relationship with Mark so many times I have lost count. He is a treasure that I am so thankful for.

3. Rebekah Zeller: Rebekah has taught me to love the Word of God in a deep and reverential manner. She has shown me the power that resides in Scripture to bring such richness to my journey. I have learned through her example how the Word of God can impact everyday of my journey if I give the Lord the first fruits of my time and my day. The Lord is still growing and cultivating me in this discipline, but it has been so worth it. I really can tell the difference between a day started offf in the Word and one where I neglect this commitment. Rebekah has such a beautiful way of teaching me what wisdom truly looks like lived out. She has planted a seed in me that has propelled me to want to pursue wisdom and godliness in a reckless way. I want wisdom and godliness to determine everything about who and what I am. I am so very thankful for Rebekah's place in my life.

4. Bob Strader: Bob has shown me how important it is to surround myself with commited, serious, and authentic community that is fully devoted to the ways and character of Jesus. He has also taught me to worship the Lord with everything that I have. Bob has given me a desire to surround my life with kindred people who will take me deeper and higher into the ways of Jesus. He has shown me how costly a journey with Christ is. Bob has exemplified in my life what a truly Spirit-saturated disciple is. These are people who are reckless in the ways they show love, grace, mercy, and kindness. Their relationship with Christ takes presidence over everything else in their lives. Everything they do flows out of their relationships with Jesus. I desire to be that kind of godly woman. I want Jesus and the precious Holy Spirit to be the central focal point of everything about me. I am so thankful for Bob.

5. Rob Cunningham: This is my precious Daddy. It has been such a rich blessing to have such a commited, humble, gentle, authentic, unwavering disciple live under the same roof with me. We don't live together anymore, but boy am I thankful for my daddy's influence, his wisdom, and his beautiful and vibrant faith to look up to. My daddy is truly one of the most precious gifts in my life. His life defines the words integrity, grace, agape love, authentic joy, and peace. He has taught me what being a godly father and husband is all about. It is about loving Jesus more than your family and your partner so that your love for them can flow out of the love of Christ. My daddy has shown me what it means to live a gospel-formed life. I have seen the gospel lived out in his words, in his interactions with others, in the life of our family, and in the life of our precious church. He truly defines and exemplifies what a shepherd is. I am indebted to him for showing me and for pointing me to the Lord. He is quality through and through.

There are five of my mentors. My life has been made so rich because of their examples of faith, grace, love, and truth. God, thank you for your immeasurable gift of mentors. I am richly richly blessed indeed.

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Kate said...

I am so glad that God has given you such authentic mentors in your life.