Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Tidbit of Encouragement...

There is nothing I love more than belonging to Jesus Christ. He truly is the greatest joy of my heart. I will spend the rest of my days praising Him for His infinite love and unparalled goodness. My relationship with the Lord fuels every other part of my life. To know that the Lord is desperately in love with me is just so mind-boggling.

Yesterday at Tuesday morning Ladies Class, our teacher quoted something from Kay Arthur that I loved. It gave me so much joy and hope for the times when I feel that I am not comprehending what the Lord wants to teach me. Father, thank you for loving me when I don't understand. I praise you for giving us the gift of your inspired Word.

"Only the Spirit living in us and through us can help us dicipher God's inspired Word."

I was really encouraged by this and I hope you are too :)

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annalee said...

that is a comfort indeed! and an encouragement when i get discouraged with not understanding more!