Monday, June 15, 2009

Spirit, Train My Tongue...

Words contain unspeakable power. I learned that this weekend. My tongue needs to go back to school to be taught to be used. I desire to speak and invoke blessing over people's lives and I fail that desire so many times. I desperately need the power of the Spirit to teach, cultivate, and grow the words and works of my mouth. I am asking the Lord to set a guard about my mouth and to refresh and reuse the filter that He created. I think I just need a complete rehaul in the area of my speech. Thankfully, I serve a God who is more than willing to guide, teach, and mature what comes from my spirit into my mouth. I was reminded today in my prayer time that God gave me two ears with which to listen and one mouth to speak. I think He wants me to listen twice as much as I talk. That is SO hard. But, I know I can do it with God's help. I am asking the Spirit to employ the 10-second rule when I speak meaning that I desire to think about what I say for 10 seconds before I allow it the authority to come out of my spirit or my mouth. That is going to take work but I can do it. I praise the Lord that he redeems, forgives, wipes clean, and restores us as His vesels. I am thankful for courageous people to come and correct and tell me when I have done something wrong or something that is completely ungodly. I need that in my life. I want to be a spring of blessing. I want to be a safe place where people can share their hearts and know that what is said will stay in the strictest confidence. God is good.

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