Thursday, June 04, 2009

Earnest Honor...

I pray everyday in my spirit that I will live in earnest honor of the Lord. I know this is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not something I can achieve on my own. I need to be constantly immersed in a power that resides in Someone higher. If it were left up to me alone I would live in the low place of my flesh. Honor is a concept that has gotten lost in our present day society. It seems like every aspect of this society is centered around demeaning or destroying something in order to recieve honor and respect. I really strong dislike that. I want that mentality to change. I have the power to decide whether or not to live that way. We all have the power to make that decision. For that I am grateful.

In my mind honor means serving another person in some way. It means loving another person more than I love myself. It means blessing them in order that they may go out and bless, edify, and encourage others to seek higher things. Honor is something that is earned. It deserves reward. The funny thing is, if you seek the right honor, the reward comes after denying yourself and walking in selflessness and humility. This is extremely hard. It definitely requires power that we in our humaness do not possess. I earnesly pray that my life depicts an earnest honor in all areas. I want to go beyond myself; to serve others passionately in order for them to see Jesus in my life and to attract them to the One to whom honor is due.

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