Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot But Blessed...

It has been oppressively hot in Abilene this week. I am constantly thanking the Lord for air conditioning and for lukewarm showers in the middle of the afternoon. I have been remided of the Houston heat this week and I have a very tangible sense of what my friends the Thompsons and Sargents must live with throughout steamy-hot South Texas summers. I truly have a new-found appreciation for you guys. I honestly don't know how you do it day in and day out.

Those who are close to me know what a stuggle I have in extreme heat. I HATE it. It takes major determination to fight my flesh and combat the heat and my desire to give into the temptaiton to complain and be miserable in the midst of being hot. I much rather perfer cold weather any day. Right now, I am wishing my family had a pool that I could just jump into any time I felt the urge. Last week it got up to 102 degrees.

In the midst of this heat wave that has come over Abilene, the Lord has also provided much-needed fellowship with mentors and other sweet friends. I am so glad I don't ever have to be in this life alone. There is SO much value in friendship and the journey of discipleship. I have been humbled, corrected, extravagantly loved, and nurtured this week by many dfferent outlets. I am extravagantly and immeausrably blessed.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart; with all your soul; with all your mind; and with all your strength for that is the will of God in Christ Jesus." - Deuteronomy 6


JENNY said...

I totally feel you with the heat thing! I do not like it, especially when I'm big and pregnant. I have been trying to go to the pool lately and eat lots of Popsicles. Good luck with the heat...hopefully we will all get some rain soon!!

Chelsie said...

Hot, Hot!!!! Keep indoors my friend:)!