Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Reason to Love...

I have enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Friday night, my family and I enjoyed great time with very close family friends. Saturday morning and afternoon were spent with my best friend besides Jesus, my precious Mom shopping, running errands, and having my sister help us pick out my Mom's new glasses. Saturday evening my family and I went to a wedding at one of my favorite chruches in town. I love to witness weddings. I teared up many times as is very common for me. After the wedding my Mom, Daddy, and I enjoyed a coffee date with another very close couple to our family. It has been a wonderful couple days, for sure.

My favorite part of the weekend came this morning as Randy Harris gave the message to my church body. I was very convicted as I sat listening and feverishly scribbling down notes. It was excellent. His message was taken from Luke 10:25-37. I loved the title of his message, "The Menimally Decent Samaritan." He focused on the fact that the Good Samaritan showed the injured man extravagant compassion, mercy, and kindness. This guy went the extra mile in excellence and provided for the injured man. One thing that Randy said that I loved and paraphrased was, "Jesus is calling all His disciples and servants to a radical ethic and way of living." Another thing that I caught was the idea of the Lord wanting us to go beyond ourselves and our flesh and to live beyond menimal decency, but to love extravagantly and to lavish the grace and love of God on people. I absolutely love that idea and I pray that my life embodies that in my everyday existence.

All in all it was a rich, soul-satisfying time of encouragement and being sharpened and challenged to go deeper into the character and call of Jesus on my life as His servant. To top it off, my Daddy and I got to eat a wonderful home-cooked meal at my brother's house one last time with my grandparents before my brother and sister-in-love begin their move to Lubbock in the next two weeks. Grant is beginning law school at Texas Tech in August. Laura will teach 1st grade at a wonderful, innovative elementary school in August as well. Please pray for them. This entire process has been one-hundred percent Spirit-led and the Lord has really provided and led every step of the way.

I'll leave you with a concept that I paraphrased from today's message in worship:

"A Gospel-formed love can only come forth out of a person who is intimately acquainted with the radical, extravagant love of Christ Jesus first before it can go beyond us and help usher in His Presence and his purposes for His ultimate glory in all things seen and unseen."

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annalee said...

powerful message!
and thanks so much for your prayers!