Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayer Warriors Unite...

Please pray for baby Eydie Paige Stover. She was born yesterday, June 18, 2009, to Brandon and Kate Stover in Abilene. She is in the Hendrick NICU having difficulty breathing. She shows signs of improvement as of now. Please pray for Brandon, Kate, Eydie Paige and family members as they wait. Pray specifically for restoration of breathing and for Eydie's lungs as she is weaned off of the oxygen. Pray that the Great Physician would breathe on this precious little girl as He holds her in His hands.

Also please be in prayer for Reuben Whitfield, Jody Reese's father as he is on life support in Austin after suffering a fall off of a ladder. Jody, Lynn, and Kathy are all on their way to Austin to be with him and their mom, Naomi. Thanks so much for your prayers.

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