Monday, August 03, 2009

Surrender And More...

This past week was so so good. I got to spend some time at my parents house from Tuesday-Sunday because my Mama was in Lubbock helping my sister-in-law, Laura, with house stuff. She came home on Thursday by noon and we just spent some great time together and as a family. I get the privilege of going to my parents house every Friday afternoon and staying the weekend, so that was not different. Our family has a youth intern staying the summer at our house and we adore her. This summer will make three years my parents have had an intern in thier home. Tandi is wonderful. She is a Harding junior who is studying Secondary Education and hopes to teach when she is finished. She has done absolutely amazing things with our Highland kids and they absolutely love her to pieces. There are also two other male youth interns serving the Highland Youth Ministry this summer. They are awesome as well.

Sunday at Highland was so good and it really was centered around hard questions, questions like, "Who and what is your life surrendered to?" or "What do you need to lay at the feet of Christ and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, not try to pick up again?" I loved it. God quickly gave me something to surrender and I was more than ecstatic to surrender it. Now, that doesn't always happen in my life. There are times when He has to absolutely pry things out of my control and my way of doing things. I welcome that as well, but, while gritting my teeth and holding on for dear life. My mom and dad shared some thoughts before the congregation about what surrender has looked like in their lives and I was so honored to hear their hearts. It made me cry out to God in thanksgiving for the privilege it is to be theirs for a time and His for an eternity. I was crying, as if anyone who reads this is surprised at that. To top the weekend off, we had Small Group and then my family went out to Clyde to bless and pray over a wonderful, Christ-shaped young woman along with about 15 other people she is close to and her family as she prepares to go to Ghana to work alongside Pam Cope. It was a great few days

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